Lost Team Photos—Semi-Pro and Amateur Teams

17 Feb

During the first two decades of the 20th Century hundreds of amateur and semi-pro teams operated across the country.  Below are photos of several teams from 1908-1913:

National City Bank--Chicago

National City Bank–Chicago

The Boston Store--Los Angeles

The Boston Store–Los Angeles


Felt & Tarrant Comptometer Company--Chicago

Felt & Tarrant Comptometer Company–Chicago

Studebaker Automobile Company--South Bend, IN

Studebaker Automobile Company–South Bend, IN

US Postal Service Clerks--Washington, D.C.

US Postal Service Clerks–Washington, D.C.

West Side Trust Savings Bank--Chicago

West Side Trust Savings Bank–Chicago

Southern Pacific Railroad--Los Angeles

Southern Pacific Railroad–Los Angeles

Western Electric Production Department--Chicago

Western Electric Production Department–Chicago







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