One Minute Talk: Ray Schalk

13 Sep

In 1916, The Newspaper Enterprise Association ran a series of brief articles called “One Minute Talks with Ballplayers.”

Ray Schalk:

“I would rather have runners come into the plate spikes first than standing up.  When you see those gleaming spikes coming, you have something to work on.  When a runner comes in standing up at the time the ball arrives you never know where he is going to hit you.

Ray Schalk

Ray Schalk

“I have had men come in that way and give me bumpings from which I did not recover for several days.  The spikes every time for mine.  All you have to watch then is the runner’s feet.

“When I first broke into baseball I made the mistake of waiting for the runner, then trying to tag him after the manner of an infielder but I soon quit doing that and have since kept my eyes on the spikes.”

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