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Lost Advertisements—Louisville Slugger, World War II—Sports Aid Preparedness

7 Feb


1942 Louisville Slugger Advertisement featuring Hall of Famers Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams and Johnny Mize.

“The President of the U.S. has given baseball the GO signal for ’42.  American boys and men must be fit—healthy—strong—industrious.  To work hard and get results, Americans must have time to relax, and baseball, the All-American game, provides the outlet for relaxation and at the same time builds strong, healthy bodies.”

“Choose your bats as the champions do and insist on the autograph of your favorite player and the Famous Louisville Slugger trademark on the bat you buy.”

What Would He Think of the Ones They Use Now?

25 Sep

One constant in baseball is that every generation thinks the game was better in the past.

Jake Morse was one of the most influential early baseball writers who contributed to game’s popularity.  He was with the Boston Herald from 1884-1907 and founded Baseball Magazine in 1908.

By 1907 Morse longed for the early days and was bothered by the lack of hitting during the first decade of the 20th century –he blamed it on the baseball mitt:

“There is no doubt that patrons of the national game are becoming heartily sick and tired of the kind of baseball they compelled to see today. ..Who is there who has not noticed game after game how the infielder can block the hottest of driven balls and throw out a man after it?”

Morse went on to mention a play made by Cleveland Indians shortstop Terry Turner (who, incidentally made 39 errors in 1907):



“Turner blocked a ball that he could never have stopped but for the protection he wore on his hands.  Line ball after line ball is blocked and caught by the help of the mitt.”

What would Morse make of this?

1905 Rube Waddell glove

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