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Filling in the Blanks—All-Time Great Name Edition

3 Oct

Baseball Reference lists H.A. Magendie as a member of the San Francisco Athletics and San Francisco Californias of the Pacific League in 1878 and the San Francisco Eagles of the Pacific League and San Francisco Californias of the California League in 1879.

Hippolyte Aloise (some public records have his middle name a Aloysius) Magendie was born in Stockton, California in 1856 and graduated from St. Mary’s College of California in 1875.

No records exist for the teams Magendie plated for, but a box score from the San Francisco Chronicle from August of 1878 lists him as a second baseman, and the accompanying article provides a nice example of 19th century baseball writing:

“Magendie hit the leather sphere to between first and second base which was handsomely caught by Daniels with his left hand.”

After his brief baseball career Magendie became a journalist and playwright.  His only surviving work I was able to find is a play entitled “Parents by Proxy, A Comedy-Drama in Four Acts,” a copy of which is in the Library of Congress.

Magendie died in San Francisco on August 8, 1907.

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