Lost Advertisements–A Message to Every Ballplayer from Babe Ruth

26 Feb



“You’ve got to hand it to this Reach crowd.  When I told them what I figured was needed in major league mitts and gloves–I knew they’d do a good job of making them.  But I didn’t know how good till I saw the gloves they turned out.

“I stuck my hand in the different models. And they are great.  Big and roomy, like you need, yet fitting just right.  I bent and twisted my hand and fingers, and these gloves moved as natural and easy as an old shoe.  When a new glove does that–you can take it from me, it’s a real glove.

“And how these gloves snare the ball.  A specially formed pocket does the trick, Reach tells me.  Whatever it is, any ball that smacks into one of these gloves sure does stick.

“I’m ready to recommend them to any fellow who plays ball–in the field, on the bases, or back of the bat.  They got a pretty low price on them, too, for major league glove.”

Babe Ruth


4 Responses to “Lost Advertisements–A Message to Every Ballplayer from Babe Ruth”


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