Lost Advertisements–Edelweiss Beer–“Slide, you rummy, Slide”

9 Aug



A 1915 advertisement for Edelweiss Beer which appeared in Chicago newspapers.

“Now rest your orbs on Percy Mann, a triple-action baseball fan.  He knows each player’s pedigree.  On hand at every contest, he removes his collar, vest and coat, and strives to get the umpire’s goat.  He roots when home team is ahead, whether it’s White Sox, Cubs, or Fed.  Says Eddie Collins is a bird and Heiny Zim‘s a ‘wiz’ on third.  When our boys win he lifts a cheer, and when they lose he drops a tear.  In either case, he homeward flies:  Case of Good Judgment–Edelweiss”

2 Responses to “Lost Advertisements–Edelweiss Beer–“Slide, you rummy, Slide””


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    […] and $9,000, and was sitting out the 1915 season in a salary dispute said regarding his teammate Eddie Collins, who earned […]

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    […] the present generation, by stating that he played second just about as (Fred) Tenney played first. (Eddie) Collins doesn’t go so far from second as Eagan did, nor does he carry out nearly so many plays—but […]

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