Lost Advertisements–The Official Baseball of the California and Pacific Leagues

20 Dec

1880calAn 1880 advertisement for Liddle & Kaeding, a San Francisco sporting goods company.  In addition to being the publishers of the California League’s Constitution and rules, the company was the West Coast distributor of the official baseball for both the California and Pacific Leagues; the Mahn “double-cover” ball, developed by Louis Mahn in Massachusetts.

“At a meeting of the California Baseball League… the Mahn Ball of which Messers. Liddle & Kaeding…are the sole agents for the Pacific coast was adopted as the League Ball for the season of 1880.”

J. J. Donovan, Secretary

“At a meeting of  the Pacific Baseball League…the Mahn Ball, of which you are the Agents, was unanimously adopted as the one to be played with in all contests of the Pacific league during the season of 1880.

John T. Hennessy, Secretary Pacific Baseball League

“These Baseballs are made specially, and for us only, no other house on the Pacific coast having them, and none are genuine unless stamped with out trademark, ‘SPECIAL C.B.B. LEAGUE BALL.'”

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