Lost Advertisements–Mike Donlin, Sweet Caporal

9 Oct


A 1914 advertisement for Sweet Caporal Cigarettes featuring Mike Donlin:

“When I back up to the wall for a long fly and get a whiff of Sweet Caporal from the bleachers, I envy the fans who can enjoy the game and Sweets at the same time.”

While appearing on stage in a play called “Turn to the Right” at the Elks Theater in Phoenix in 1920, Donlin, six years removed from the major leagues, talked to a reporter from The Arizona Republican about the differences between his old and new careers:



“‘Mr. Donlin which do you like best, baseball or the stage?’  It wasn’t necessary for him to answer that question with mere words.  The shrug of almost disdain for his present profession answered it eloquently.

“‘Well you can’t play ball all your life,’ he answered.  ‘I messed around in vaudeville, you know how an athlete can always do that, and when I got ready to quit I naturally headed for the stage.  It’s a good life that that, and of course playing ball is a lot easier especially as far as making mistakes is concerned.  On the stage if you make a mistake, some one will cover it up for you and no one is the wiser, but when you are in a ball game and you pull a boner, look out, someone is going to land on you hard and you don’t have much comeback.

“I could have stayed in baseball if I had desired.  Could have been there yet coaching the youngsters, but sooner or later I would be done and when you are done in that game you are through and that’s all there is to it.  There is nothing left for you to do.  But now I have a permanent proposition and can string along as long as I am able to totter across the boards.”

While in Phoenix, Donlin took part in a baseball game, playing for the Elks Theater team against a local industrial league team.  Donlin told the reporter:

“There’s one good game of ball left in everyone.  I don’t dare go out and practice.  If I did I wouldn’t be able to play, but I;ll last through that game and show them all I can still lean on the pill occasionally.”

The paper didn’t report the result of the game.

Advertisement for "Turn to the Right" at the Elks Theater in Phoenix

Advertisement for “Turn to the Right” at the Elks Theater in Phoenix

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